Is Biden too woke?

I don’t see Biden as a radical figure, except with climate change, where it seems to me radicalism is absolutely necessary. And I don’t think he represents even a smidgen of the threat that Trump poses to liberal democratic norms. If he wins, we will indeed have to fight the woke and illiberal left in his administration and elsewhere, a fight I relish and look forward to. But the alternative — a deeply corrupt, fantastically incompetent, psychologically sick, congenitally dishonest, wannabe strongman — is unacceptable …

Similarly, James Lindsay, who has done sterling, vital work exposing the ugly fraud of critical theory, regards the threat of wokeness as the core issue, and so is voting Trump. That is his prerogative. But what I think he misses is how Trump has facilitated, exacerbated and legitimized wokeness more than any other figure on the right or left. He has made anti-wokeness toxic by association. If we are to make progress in weaning the elites off this poison, we have to sever that link.

Andrew Sullivan, The Psychedelic Election

October 23, 2020

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