Honor Roll and Jerkwads

Honor Roll of Republicans who, if only for one glorious moment, were not jerkwads like Josh Hawley:

Exercise in futility’: Republicans lambaste Hawley’s push to challenge election - POLITICO

And then there’s my jerkwad weathervane:

Sens. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) both said they were still weighing their options. Blackburn argued that people are quite concerned about voter fraud and transparency” and Braun said he’s still thinking about what to do.”

It’s a protest vote only. Because in my opinion there’s zero chance that anything will come from it. The House is not going to overturn and I don’t think you’ll even get close in the Senate,” Braun argued.

Argued”? Protest vote” is a damn poor argument for invertebracy.

January 2, 2021

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