Mere trivialization

Law professor Ann Althouse thinks The Trump lawyers’ Fight” montage is devastating and — if you’re not bent on getting Trump convicted — hilarious..

The first part of the montage — Democrats pols and progressive cultural icons, including Kamala Harris, threatening” violence or murder — struck me as jarring and powerful even though the contexts weren’t such as could incite violence imminently, and in some instances (e.g., Harris on the Ellen Degeneres show) were clearly jesting.

The second part, the montage of Democrat pols using the word fight” is pernicious, not hilarious. It ignores context but, just as importantly, the extreme repetitiveness, the staccato fight” deluge merely trivializes the word fight”, exactly as would a similar montage featuring any other monosyllable — God” for instance. I don’t like mind tricks like that.

(I now remember why I unfollowed Althouse the last time I’d stumbled onto her and thought she looked interesting.)

February 13, 2021

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