GOP publicly besliming itself again

45 (he who shall not be named) has been on the warpath again, and Republicans are cowering and talking again of ousting Liz Cheney from leadership for refusing to go along with THE BIG LIE lie:

If Cheney is ousted, McCarthy will be the feckless House Republican leader who acted as the toady enforcer of [45]’s dangerous election lies. Every Democrat can say, with a straight face, that in Kevin’s House, lying is a litmus test for leadership.

Amanda Carpenter, Kevin McCarthy: Master of Strategery

This may not be the best commentary on the kerfuffle, but I’m not going to waste my day trying to find a better one. (It’s not my party. It hasn’t been my party for 16 years. Its folly is one of the things in the world I cannot change, however important a healthy two-party system may be. How atavistic is it of me to spend non-trivial time as if it were!)

May 5, 2021

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