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Elite sport is over for me” is the headline ITV News has used for an interview with Bridges. If we were allowed to compete, if I was allowed to compete, it would be a different conversation,” he claims, but I can’t compete […] I can’t do something I used to love.’

Bridges is 6’2, was born male and went through male puberty. Like Thomas, he towers over female athletes and his voice in interviews is that of a young man. He could go on racing for years if he were willing to compete in the male or open” category, a point made by ITVs sports editor, Steve Scott. 

Scott’s challenge goes to the heart of the matter, exposing the fact that there is no ban on trans athletes. But they want validation of their claimed gender identity, and they won’t get that in the open” category. 

Unsurprisingly, Bridges has no answer to Scott’s question, appearing lost for words. Would it be safe for me to compete in an open category?” he asks after a long pause. The answer is obviously yes, but trans athletes are not used to having their hyperbolic claims called out like this. 


Bridges is now making even more absurd statements, however, such as the notion that protecting the female category in sport has normalised the exclusion of trans people from public life”.

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges: elite sport is over for me’

February 21, 2024

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