Give Trump what he’s asking for, Nikki!

Oh, how I wish [Nikki Haley] would take a different message from this result than the one she appears to be taking (at least publicly). The message she claims to have received is this: I may not be the Republican present, but I am its future. Trump may win the nomination this year, but he will lose to Joe Biden. And then the voters will come to their senses, realize that candidates like me are the key to victory at the national level, and make me a leading contender for the presidency in 2028. I’ll be back!

To which I can only reply: Seriously? You think the party positively thrilled by the prospect of renominating a hateful, moronic, demented, conspiracy-addled, coup-plotting, multiply indicted would-be dictator will turn on a dime to rally around a daughter of Sikh immigrants from India who espouses a policy agenda suited to a member of George W. Bush’s Cabinet? The same voters who are rewarding Kari Lake for losing her winnable race for Arizona governor in 2022 by nominating her for the US Senate in 2024? The same voters who sent to Congress the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the 2020 election results? The same voters who on Tuesday made a Holocaust denier who mocks children killed in school shootings the party’s nominee for governor in the state of North Carolina? Nikki Haley will be the leader of that party four years from now?

I’m sorry, but are you out of your f*cking mind?

Trump and his personally installed nepo babies at the Republican National Committee … want the Haley voters out of the party, just as Lake explicitly asked supporters of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain not to vote for her two years ago. That led directly to Lake’s loss, just as the same move this year could help to ensure that Trump’s third bid for the presidency sinks.

Please, Nikki Haley: Give Trump his wish. Make it happen. Lead your supporters on a mass exodus out of the Republican Party. And not out into the nowheresland of the third-party wilderness, but into the Democratic Party. You need not love Joe Biden. You need only say what is true: That a party led by Donald Trump and the thugs he’s surrounded himself with have no business wielding power at the highest levels.

Damon Linker

March 6, 2024

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