Stupid opinions on why a Trump conviction will be reversed

Any conviction obtained at the so-called trial” of former President Donald Trump’s alleged alteration of financial records will be reversed on appeal, if necessary by the U.S. Supreme Court, because altering financial records is only a crime in New York if you do it to conceal some other crime. Paying Stormy Daniels money is NOT a crime. …

Steven Calabresi (emphasis added).

I would wager a substantial sum that the U.S. Supreme Court will not reverse a New York conviction of Trump at all, let alone on the basis that New York Courts misapplied New York law.

If the law is as Calabresi says, State appeal courts should reverse, but state Courts have the last word on what state law is.

Steven Calabresi is not a stupid man, nor do I think he’s evil. This outburst was an example of motivated reasoning.

It’s still quite possible that the Manhattan jury will convict Trump on the 34 felony charges Bragg has brought. But there is no chance the conviction will withstand appeal, particularly given that it relies so heavily on Cohen’s testimony.

Eli Lake (emphasis added).

I would wager even more that a conviction will not be reversed because it relies too heavily on Michael Cohen’s testimony. No Courts will have any idea what the jury relied on.

This is not to say that Courts won’t reverse because particular testimony of Cohen was admitted over timely objection.

I cannot vouch for Elli Lake not being stupid on legal matters. It rather appears that he is.

Note: I am not saying that this prosecution is solid and will not be reversed. There’s a lot of smart analysis that thinks if very shaky. I’m just faulting stupid arguments that mislead non-lawyer readers.

May 19, 2024

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