Charlie Kirk is worked up. The world is in flames, and Bidenomics is a complete and total disaster,” the conservative influencer said during a recent episode of his podcast The Charlie Kirk Show. But it can’t and won’t ruin my day,” he continued. Why? Cause I start my day with a hot America First cup of Blackout Coffee.” Liberals have brought about economic Armageddon, but first, coffee.

[T]he advertisements Kirk reads are sometimes more dire and polemical than what he and his guests talk about during the show. Rest assured knowing that you’re ready for whatever the globalists throw at us next,” Kirk said at the end of one ad for medical-emergency kits … The commercial breaks sounded like something from an alternate universe. The more I listened to them, the more I came to understand that that was the point.

The right … has long hawked products that you don’t typically see advertised on mainstream outlets and shows …

Some of Kirk’s ads hit the same beats. At times, they sound a little jarring: You are nine meals away from anarchy,” he said in one ad for buckets of food rations, from a website called Yet as the world of right-wing-coded products has expanded, so has the weirdness of ads for them. For 10 years, Patriot Mobile has been America’s only Christian-conservative wireless provider,” started another ad. Switching to Patriot Mobile, Kirk explained, would mean that you’re sending the message that you support free speech, religious liberty, the sanctity of life, the Second Amendment, our military veterans and first-responder heroes” while getting the same coverage you’ve been accustomed to without funding the left.”

Ali Breland, Why Is Charlie Kirk Selling Me Food Rations?

May 23, 2024

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