Always win-lose, never win-win

Trump is just — not now, not ever, never has been — a tolerable President of the United States for a couple of quite obvious reasons, which is that he in his very body, his very nature, rejects the notion of a non-zero-sum world in which you’re operating as a first among equals. If you were President, but you’re part of a democracy that gives and takes, you look forward to the other party taking control at some point, because you want to reform yourself and come back again. There’s this process that we developed in the West, which is incredibly rare in human history, and he has no understanding of it whatsoever. He’s incapable of getting outside his own ego, and also is malignant … You can’t have a President of the United States who’s actively hostile to any idea of the Rule of Law.

Andrew Sullivan (interviewing Bill Maher)

May 28, 2024

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