Does anyone really believe this?

Do Republicans seriously believe Trump is a law-abiding citizen who was railroaded by a politicized prosecutor, fully justifying vengeful future indictments and convictions of innocent Democrats for imaginary crimes?

Many of the party’s more normie elected officials only pretend to buy it, realizing Bragg was only able to secure a conviction because Trump actually did the things he was accused of. But they also understand that Republican fortunes are now inextricably linked to Trump’s fate. If he loses the November election, they lose; if he wins, they win. That creates a powerful incentive to join Trump in his work of delegitimizing the system. Trump is no longer running against and attempting to defeat Biden and the Democrats. He’s now also running against and attempting to defeat the rule of law itself.

[B]y circling the wagons around Trump, Republicans could well end up effectuating, whether they intend to or not, what the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche called a transvaluation of values.” That is, they could end up convincing millions of Americans that the rule of law” is a concept that describes the defense of a single individual (Donald Trump) against anyone who would dare to hold him to the legal standards that apply to every other American.

(Damon Linker)

June 3, 2024

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