As a highly engaged voter, I don’t personally feel that the verdict gave me new or important information about Donald Trump. I don’t think falsifying business records in furtherance of a scheme to pay off a porn star makes a Top 50 list of his most dastardly acts. It’s just what he happened to be charged with and convicted of.

The Republican polling firm Echelon Insights did a very interesting poll right after the verdict came out — it re-contacted respondents whom it had already surveyed about the election and asked them again how they intend to vote. Six percent of respondents said they were changing their vote because of the verdict — in most cases, saying they were changing to vote against Trump. But Echelon had surveyed these people before, and so it knows that every respondent who said the verdict was causing them to switch to vote for Trump had already previously told Echelon they were voting for Trump.

Josh Barro (emphasis added)

June 5, 2024

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