Telling a fraction of the story as if it were the whole

I do think that the outcome of the 2020 election was changed because of the use of mail in voting and that this may explain why President Trump lost the counted vote in 2020. People casting votes at home with other people looking at how they were voting probably felt pressure not to vote for President Trump’s re-election.

Steven Calabresi (emphasis added)

This speculation is unsupported by any data or even anecdotes. Why would there be pressure not to vote for Trump? Because of an unacknowledged awareness that voting for Trump was shameful? Because the canvassers were mostly Democrats? Were they mostly Democrats because Trump decided to pitch a tantrum about Covid-motivated voting changes rather than telling the GOP to deploy their own canvassers?

Calabresi has been instantiating motivated reasoning” almost daily lately.

UPDATE: I may have given Calabresi too little credit. After the portion I quote above, he notes that Going forward, President Trump is calling today for the GOP to invest massively in mail in voting ….” So he’s at least tacitly aware that Trump’s 2020 tantrums were a dumb response.

June 9, 2024

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