Salt the earth for good measure

I’m glad Rod Dreher summarized his item, because I was having trouble sorting out the horrifying details:

[The thrice-married] Paula White-Cain is not an Evangelical. She’s a Pentecostal Word of Faith preacher. That means something. But she has been endorsed by all these leading Trump Evangelicals. It can’t be because they agree with her theologically. It has to be because she’s on their side politically. Here she is praising a convicted felon TV evangelist as a forerunner,” then raising money for his latest grift, and these Evangelical leaders are all on board with her. Why?

This is decadence.

It’s times like this when I must remember Wheaton Academy and Wheaton College and the important (if very flawed) part Evangelicalism-at-its-best has played in my life. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to say Knock it down. Put it to the torch. Salt the earth for good measure.”

October 18, 2019

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