The wages of original sin

The wages of original sin is not hell, but death.

You can look that up, but here’s a short elaboration:

We believe the first man created by God to have fallen in Paradise, when, disregarding the Divine commandment, he yielded to the deceitful counsel of the serpent. And as a result hereditary sin flowed to his posterity; so that everyone who is born after the flesh bears this burden, and experiences the fruits of it in this present world … [B]y these fruits and this burden we do not understand [actual] sin, … [b]ut only what the Divine Justice inflicted upon man as a punishment for the [original] transgression, such as sweats in labor, afflictions, bodily sicknesses, pains in child-bearing, and, finally, while on our pilgrimage, to live a laborious life, and lastly, bodily death.

The Confession of Dositheus, Decree 6.

January 6, 2020

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