Miscellaneous political comments

It’s not sexy to say it, but I don’t hate people who vote for Trump, I don’t hate people who vote against Trump, I don’t hate people who vote for Sanders, or anybody. I don’t believe we are facing a Twilight Of The Gods showdown between Good and Evil. I believe we are facing a particularly vivid, emotionally charged version of the usual choice between deeply flawed candidates. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get worked up into spiting the Other, because if I put myself in their shoes, I can see why they would vote as they do, even if I think they’re wrong. Is this lukewarmness?

OK, it’s lukewarmness. But politics are not my god, so I don’t care.

Rod Dreher

I was provoked last week to wonder where I would go if Democrats hand over the White House and the Current Occupant remains for sixteen or twenty years until he’s in his mid-thirties …

Garrison Keillor

(Note well: actual Hitler, and actual Mussolini, built horrible Modernist buildings as their signature styles.)

Rod Dreher If you have no idea what Dreher’s talking about, it’s probably a blessing that I won’t take away from you.

If you wonder why young people are leaving organized religion in droves, look no further than last week’s National Prayer Breakfast.

E.J. Dionne

February 11, 2020

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