The Coronavirus Market

I wan’t going to share this until Trump shot off his mouth on Hannity, helping natural selection along by getting his credulous acolytes to minimize the Coronavirus risk. Yes he did, so I will:

What spooked the stock market last week was not only the virus but also the spectacle of the Leader of the Free World announcing that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. He looked like a sixth-grader giving a science report who had not bothered to read the textbook. This was slightly terrifying. A reality TV star in charge of national intelligence. The gentleman is an ace at twittering but when he says more than the 280-character limit he becomes vacuous and blathery. His strong suit is insult and ridicule — reassurance is alien to him, he’s a New Yorker, when a New Yorker hears tones of reassurance, it means Put the pen back in your pocket, don’t sign the paper” — so the assignment has been passed to his mannequin friend Mr. Pence who is good at silence, which is better than blather at this point.

Republicans believe the epidemic will hit big cities hardest, keeping Democratic voters home in the fall. Democrats believe it will knock the Dow Jones down to where Republicans are disheartened. As for me, I think the Leader is inhaling so much hand sanitizer that he doesn’t know a Corona from a White Owl or an El Rey del Mundo. What provision does the Constitution make for ditziness?

Garrrison Keillor

March 5, 2020

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