The truth hurts

The presidential candidates who looked worst after Joe Biden’s cracking Super Tuesday performance were not Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Mike Bloomberg. They were John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson, who could not manage, before Super Tuesday in 2016, to prevent the hostile takeover of the Republican Party by a divisive hothead.

That is a cheap shot, but only because it is unfair to single out four men in a party whose entire political and legislative leadership capitulated with minimal resistance to a populist candidate who openly hated them …

Democrats do have an advantage over their Republican counterparts: an immediate example to recoil from. The Trump takeover of the GOP demonstrates that some political choices are difficult to unmake, like trying to un-stir cream from your coffee. Because partisanship is so powerful, many Democrats would feel compelled to support a President Sanders the way Republicans now support President Trump. And this would likely turn their partisan duty into the justification of one man’s eccentricities and extremism. Whatever a President Biden’s flaws may be, defending him would at least be the defense of a distinctly Democratic cause.

Michael Gerson

March 6, 2020

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