Let’s politicize this crisis bigly

I really disagree with the notion that a crisis shouldn’t be politicized’ — I think this is usually something people say to derail a debate rather than a deeply and sincerely held sentiment. If you’ve been arguing all along that X is a better way to do things, and a crisis rolls around that in your (humble, of course) opinion X would have prevented or ameliorated, then of course you’re going to renew your call for X in a freshly energized manner. Of course people can politicize a crisis in an insincere or disingenuous manner or offensive manner, or have ideas that are simply silly to others, but if so that’s the problem — not the act of attempting to draw a connection between a given situation and one’s preferred policies.

So, forgive me, but: I think the coronavirus crisis should be politicized.

Jesse Singal

He has some ideas on how it should be politicized, too. I neither endorse nor repudiate them, but let the proposals run down like a river.

April 6, 2020

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