Sean Hannity at the Pearly Gates

Rod Dreher fulminates Against Coronavirus Free Riders, such as some Pentecostals in his city, Baton Rouge:

In the 11th Pandemic Diaries entry, which appeared on March 26, a reader in Oklahoma wrote:

My in-laws are old-time Pentecostals of the claim the blood of Jesus and go about your business” tribe. They did so, in spite of our respectful then increasingly insistent warnings. Between bad theology and Fox News, both are now in the hospital.

The reader wrote this afternoon to say:

Just wanted to let you and readers know that, grief upon grief, both my in-laws have died — may Perpetual Light shine upon them. My MIL passed on March 27 and my father-in-law joined her in eternal rest this morning, April 7. We are undone, but we do not grieve as those who have no hope.
It takes my breath away that there are still people who do not believe this is real.

There is no law in this world to hold Fox liable for the deaths it is causing, but I would not want to be Sean Hannity at the Pearly Gates.

April 7, 2020

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