Once I did a good thing

Rod Dreher’s blog today, Les Murray Vs. The Mob Inside | The American Conservative, reminds me of how I once did a good thing.

A bunch of Christianish rednecks at Hellhole U decided that one man was intolerably allowed by the administration to wear his hair too long. So they took it upon themselves to rectify it by kidnapping him and giving him a haircut — the kind you get when you’re being held down on the floor by Christianish rednecks.

I walked past the door of the dorm suite where it was going down, saw who the perps were, saw a putatively adult dorm supervisor standing there doing nothing, and went postal. One of them there Christianish rednecks boys (his father was an Administrator, so he always seemed to feel entitled) wound up against a concrete block wall with me interrogating him along the lines of just what the bloody hell do you think you’re doing, asshole?!”

I was surprisingly successful at breaking up the party, but I was so incensed by the condoning of the putative adult that I went on a prolonged, loud, parapetitic, profane and probably obscene rant.

One of the two good things that happened to me at Hellhole U was a mature coach following me patiently, trying to calm (and quiet) me down, and never reporting me higher up for discipline.

May 5, 2020

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