How the Election Could Go Seriously Awry

My biggest fear that Trump will win again starts like this:

  1. Democrats, like utter, blithering idiots, are encouraging everyone to vote by mail.
  2. The counting of mail-in ballots will be flooded with Trump partisans and lawyers, who will challenge ballots like crazy because they’re aware that mail-in voting will be disproportionately for Biden.
  3. Some states will be pushed up to the deadline for certifying votes before the inflexible Electoral College voting date. Some conceivably be too chaotic to certify a result in time — thanks to the Trump mercenaries.

It will be dirty and, unlike 2016, seriously tainted, but I fear it could happen.

If you can go to the grocery store in Covidtide, you should go vote in person in Covidtide.

August 26, 2020

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