Morally right

If a DA is going to haul in a leading presidential candidate in the thick of a campaign, the offense should be grave and the legal theory behind it should be solid as granite. Americans should feel confident that justice in the matter had to be done, and urgently, regardless of the political implications.

The New York case ain’t that.

My problem with Republicans who are mad at Alvin Bragg in good faith comes when they take the next step and say Trump is now less of a threat to the rule of law than Democrats are.”

My dear friends, do you have brain damage?

In effect, both parties are using the outcome in the Bragg case as a type of rough justice” for Trump. Democrats might feel ambivalent about the charges, but most will equate the verdict with getting Al Capone on tax evasion. After a long life of sociopathy replete with a near-coup against the federal government, Trump has finally faced accountability for something. It might not be legally right, but it’s morally right.

Nick Cattogio

June 4, 2024

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